Raven Activities

Raven Parliament plans a number of events over the year for the befit of members. Such events are discussed at the regular meetings and Units volunteer to organize the events either themselves, or jointly with another unit.

Below are a selection of the events that Raven plans over the year. As well as these events individual Units arrange various other events to which they invite Raven members.

Midsummer Madness

Taking place in Mid August , this week-end provides an excellant opportunity for Rangers and ventures to do some summer walking and cycling as well as a light weight camping week-end.

Cooking Competition

This event involves units preparing a celebration meal for four persons on a budget of £15 inclusive. The team can comprises of up to four members of the Unit. They are not allowed to use electric utensils or equipment in the preparation of the meal, nor are they allowed to pre-prepare or use pre-prepared foods such as tins or packets.

The event is normally judged by two individuals not connected with the Guides or Scouts, and they award points for menu balance, preparation, and presentation of the meal. They have the unenviable task of tasting each course prepared by the entrants.

Cooking is carried on a maximum of two gas burners.

The following pictures are from the 1999 Competition held on 7th November at Stewarton

The sting in the tail of the event, is that the winning Unit undertakes to plan the following years competition.

Canoe Regatta

This event is a day's water activities at one of the local Water Activity Centres. As well as canoeing, the youngsters have the opportunity to try sail-boarding, sailing and water ski-ing.

A short competition takes place during the day in canoes with a Trophy being present to each of the winning Ranger and Venture Units who gather the most points in the competition.

Coodham Activity Day

This is a full day of activities for local disabled persons from a variety of local organizations, in conjunction with the local Social Services.

Raven members arrange a series of activities for their guests to try including canoeing, rifle shooting, archery, crazy golf etc.

Lunch is also provided for the guests and the afternoon winds up with a short campfire.

The event was originally held at Coodham, but in recent years has been forced to find new venues because of the Coodham Estate being up for development.

Challenge Trophy

An annual presentation is made of the 'Ronnie Fines' Trophy. Ronnie was an Ayrshire Scout Leader who presented the Cup to Raven.

Units compete by challenging other Units to an activity, and basically, the sillier the better. The main purpose is to get Units to mix socially and have fun.

Some of the crazy and not so crazy challenges :-

Other activities

As well as the above, Units arrange their own events and invite other Units to join them. Below are some of the events:-

St Andrews Night Party

Stewarton Rangers ran a fun night to celebrate St Andrews Night to which they invited all Units.

Raven Memorial Fund

Units, running events which make a profit, make a contribution to this fund.

The fund was set up in memorial of a Leader who suffered from Leukemia, and each year the Parliament makes a contribution to Leukemia research, and on occasions, dependent on the amount of funds, to another Charity such as Cancer research, Arthritis Care or the Malcolm Sargent Homes.

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Author :- Bob McIntyre