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Raven Cooking Competition 2002


Raven Cooking Competition 2001


Stewarton RGU held a St Andrews Night Party to which all Units were invited.


The 28th Ayrshire V.S.U. Balls Up ( an annual dance ), took place recently, one of the many events that Raven members have the opportunity to attend. For more pictures of Raven activities look for the link at the bottom of the page.


Raven Parliament Haloween celebrations at the last meeting on 30th October. For more pictures of Raven activities look for the link at the bottom of the page.


Ayrshire Raven Parliament was formed 28 years ago as a means of bringing Ranger Guides and Venture Scouts together for joint activities.

How it operates -

Raven meets every two or three months at a variety of locations throughout Ayrshire. By varying the venue, it shares the travel problems that arise as Ayrshire is a very large area.

At the Annual General Meeting, in September each year, a Chairperson and Secretary are appointed by the meeting. Their role is to plan and schedule meetings, along with the Units that volunteer to host each of the meetings.

Each Ranger Guide and Venture Scout Unit in Ayrshire is entitled to attend the meetings, and each Unit has two votes in matter that goes to a vote - providing the voting delegates are in FULL uniform.

The regular meetings also involve guest speakers or an activity for the evening. Normally the host Unit makes these arrangements.

Each Unit also receives a copy of Raven News which is produced by one of the member units. RavenNews contains information about forthcoming events, reports on past events and the minutes of the last Raven Parliament meeting.

As part of the meetings, Raven plans out a series of activities and events for the year, with units undertaking the arrangement of programme either individually or jointly with another unit. More information on some of these activities is available on an adjoining page.

With effective from 30th May 1999, Raven Parliament meetings will be combined with those of the Ayrshire Venture Scout Council. Most discussion that take place are common to both bodies and this merger reduces the number of meetings that are held.

Raven Activities

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