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Parliamentary Scout
Tea Party

Eight Ayrshire Scouts, accompanied by three leaders attended the Annual Parliamentary Tea Party at the Houses of Parliament on Thursday 19th June. The group had been invited to London by their respective M.P.'s
The youngsters parents and the Leaders are all employed by British Aerospace at Prestwick.

The event, sponsored by British Aerospace was held in Madam Speaker's State Rooms in the House of Commons.

The Party flew from Glasgow (Prestwick) Airport to London Stansted and then by train into the centre of London.

The group first of all visited Baden Powell House which the London Office of the Scout Association -which has a hostel for visiting Scouts, where they had lunch. They are pictured out side B.P. House with the statue of Baden Powell, founder of the Movement.

The party travelled onto Westminster, after purchasing a few souvenirs from B.P. House and are pictured with Big Ben in the background. On entering the Houses of Parliament , they were met by their three M.P.'s who explained about the House of Commons and the House of Lords before arranging for the group to sit in the Gallery of the house of Commons to listen to some of the business being discussed.

On returning to the Central Lobby, the M.P.'s met them again and give them a quick tour of part of the building including the Terrace, which over looks the River Thames. The tour continued through the building and part of the Libraries which contain all the Parliamentary records and ended at Madam Speaker's State Rooms, where the Tea Party was being held.

There were some 100 Scouts from all over Britain in attendance at this years event and Madam Speaker, welcomed everyone and expressed her pleasure at having so many youngsters present. She also commented on the fact she had noticed some far travelled guests visiting the Gallery. She thanked British Aerospace for once again sponsoring the event.

The State Dining Room was set with a spread of sandwiches, scones and cakes and drinks, of the soft variety.

The official photographer took pictures of Madam Speaker and each M.P. along with their guests and each one will receive a copy of their photograph - The Ayrshire pictures will be added to this page on receipt.

The Ayrshire party was photographed against the back drop of Madam Speakers Portrait in the Corner Drawing Room.

Each guest was also given a copy of Guide to the Speakers House and a commerative badge from British Aerospace.

The Scouts, and Leaders, would like to thank British Aerospace for sponsoring the event and their M.P.'s for the invitation to attend, and the opportunity they had to visit the Houses of Parliament and of course Madam Speaker for hosting the event in her State Rooms.

The Scouts and Leaders from Kyle District in Ayrshire along with Madam Speaker and Mrs Sandra Osborne, MP for Ayr. Unfortunately George Foulkes, MP for Carrick & Doon Valley could not be present and the time of the photography.





Awaiting picture of Kilmarnock & Loudoun Scouts and Leader.



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Author :- Bob McIntyre