Phoenix Venture Scout Unit

Kyle District, Ayrshire

Phoenix VSU was the first 'local' Venture Scout Unit in the District and was created because there were insufficient youngsters to have a Unit in each of the two Prestwick Groups and also it eased the Leader problem.

The Unit celebrated its tenth birthday in 1995 and over those years has had a varied programme including youth exchanges with Germany.

Programme Items

  • Raven Parliament
  • The Cumbria Dragnet 97
  • The Cumbria Dragnet 98
  • Explorer Belt '98
  • The Unit has produced three Queen Scouts over those years as well as many Venture Scout Awards. It has also been very active in the International field having been represented at two World Jamborees and many members have participated in Explorer Belt Expeditions.

    The Unit currently has four members all of whom are working towards their Venture Award.

    The Unit is active within the Raven Parliament, and as part of the activities of Raven the Unit participates in the Ronnie Fines Trophy where Units challenge each other to serious and fun events. Below is a sequence from a recent Challenge Afternoon arranged by Phoenix and supported by Stewarton Ranger Guides, Kirkland V.S.U. and the Ayr 1-O-1 V.S.U. The challenge - cook pancakes on the beach - interesting, but all agreed an excellent afternoon



    Will nearly everyone - Fraser & Andrew carrying out their tasting duties.

    The Unit ceased to function when Ayrshire started Explorer Scouts and Scout Network.


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    Author :- Bob McIntyre