Cunninghame North District

The Cunninghame North Scout District has now been merged into a new District called North Ayrshire and Arran. The District comprises of the old districts of Arran, North Cunninghame and South Cunninghame.

This District covers the north-west corner of Ayrshire with a variety of industries ranging from fishing on the coast to heavy engineering and chemicals.

The Cunninghame North District badge depicts 'The Hunterston Brooch'.

Cunninghame North District celebrated the Millennium by organising an International camp to the Gorge du Tarn.


The North Cunninghame Group at Aqualand and some budding cavers preparing to go underground.

Below is a table of Groups in the District. You may click on a specfic Group, or page through them at your leisure.

11th Ayrshire (Stevenson)13th Ayrshire (Stevenson)15th Ayrshire (Ardrossan)52nd Ayrshire (Saltcoats)
53rd Ayrshire (Largs)71st Ayrshire (Skelmorlie)85th Ayrshire (West Kilbride)

11th Ayrshire

One of two Groups in Stevenson, They have a Beaver Scout Colony, Cub Scout pack and Scout Troop.

13th Ayrshire

The second of the Stevenson Groups, they currently run a Cub Scout Pack.

15th Ayrshire

Based in Ardrossan, the Group run a Beaver Scout Colony, Cub Scout Pack, and Two Scout Troops.

52nd Ayrshire

The Saltcoats group have Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts.

53rd Ayrshire

This Group hail from Largs and operate 2 Cub Scout Packs and 2 Scout Troops.

71st Ayrshire

The furthest north of the Ayrshire Groups is based in Skelmorlie and has a Beaver Scout Colony, 2 Cub Scout packs, a Scout Troop.

85th Ayrshire

The town of West Kilbride and has a Beaver Scout Colony and Cub Scout Pack.

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Author :- Bob McIntyre