The Ayrshire Millennium Camps
Kilmarnock & Loudoun, Kyle and Kylesmuir

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Kilmarnock & Loudoun, Kyle and Kylesmuir

The three Districts held a combined Millennium Camp at near Loudoun Castle, Galston.

With a wide range of activities laid on by the three Districts including swimming in the local school pool, trout fishing at the neighbouring fish farm, dry skiing, climbing and abseiling, kite flying and all the usual camp activities such as the assault course and aerial runway. Saturday afternoon saw many visit the local Theme Park where a concession entry had been negotiated. Saturday evening Kilmarnock & Loudoun put on a mini - Gang Show in the school, followed by the Satellite being down of the Chief's message followed by a camp fire.

Sunday was another day of activitities.


View of part of the camp site and part of the camp gathering on Saturday morning


More of the Saturday morning gathering at Flag Break


and more....


The last of the 1000 + at flag break, and a early scene from the evening camp fire


The Camp Radio station and the 'Antenna' gathering for the Chief's message on Saturday evening


Part of the assault course and the aerial runway.


The Cub Scout Area and a surprise visitor to an adjoining field.

During the opening of the camp the Area Commissioner , Margaret Craik, presented the Silver Acorn to Isla Wilson of Kilmarnock. The Award, from the Chief Scout, George Purdy, is in recognition of specially distinguished Service to Scouting. Isla has been involved in Scouting in her Group for 34 years, mainly as Cub Scout Leader.

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ArranCarrickCunninghame NorthCunninghame South

Kilmarnock & Loudoun, Kyle and Kylesmuir