Prestwick, South Ayrshire, Scotland

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The purpose of this page is to give some additional information as to the facilities in the town of Prestwick.

Prestwick Cross - Christmas Evening 2000 - with a smattering of snow on the ground

Information on the history of the town etc can be found at The Ayrshire locality Page, Prestwick. and a map of the area is available on a separate window by click here.

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The pages lists various hotels, garages, shops and leisure activity facilities. as well as details of transport facilities.

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Guest Houses
Taxi Services
Rail Services
Bus Services
Air Services
Schools of yesteryear
Youth Organisations
Leisure Facilities


Parkstone Hotel, 6 Ardayre Road, Prestwick KA9 1QN
01292 477286

Boydfield Gardens, the War Memorial and the Bank of Scotland

Prestwick Old Course Hotel, 5 - 7 Links Road, Prestwick KA9 1QG
01292 477446












Golf View Hotel, 17 Links Road, Prestwick, KA9 1QG
01292 671234

Prestwick Cross, looking north.

 Manor Park Hotel, 48 Kilmarnock Road, Monkton,
Prestwick KA9 2RJ
01292 470365


Carlton Hotel, 187 Ayr Road, Prestwick KA9 1TP
01292 476811


Prestwick Cross - the first floor building on the left used to be the Town Hall, it has now been converted to flats



Guest Houses / Bed & Breakfast

Fernbank Guest House, 213 Main Street, Prestwick
01292 475027


The Freemans Hall






The Mercat Cross





Kingcase Parish Church, Waterloo Road
Church of Scotland

Monkton & Prestwick North Parish , Monkton Road
Church of Scotland

Prestwick South Parish, Main Street,
Church of Scotland

St Nicholas Parish, Main Street
Church of Scotland

St Ninians Scottish Episcopal, Maryborough Road
Scottish Episcopalian

St Quivox, St Quivox Road
Roman Catholic

Bethany Hall, Shaw Road, Prestwick

Bute Hall, Main Street, Prestwick
Christian Brethren

St Cuthberts
New Life Christian Center

Businesses & Shops

  • Supermarkets

  • Aldi, 135 - 137 Ayr Road,

  • Sainsbury, 125 Ayr Road, 01292 474478

  • Co-operative, 26 Main Street, 01292 477471

  • Newsagents (Local Papers - Ayrshire Post, Ayr Advertiser, Troon and Prestwick Times)

  • Browns (previously Mitchell and then Smiths), 18 The Cross, 01292 477677

  • Phillips, 170 Main Street, 01292 477693

  • The News Stop, 157-159 Ayr Road, 01292 478394

  • Chemists

  • Boots, 8 The Cross, Prestwick, 01292 477483
  • Boots, 89 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 477870

  • Boots, 66 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 477105

  • Toll Pharmacy, 153 Ayr Road, Prestwick, 01292 478244

  • Doctors

  • Kirkhall Practise, Alexander Avenue, Prestwick, 01292 476626

  • Station Road Surgery, 2 Station Road, Prestwick, 01292 671444

  • Dentists

  • Netherfield Dental Practice, (Previously Anderson's), 55 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 478202

  • McLean, Main Street, Prestwick

  • Wiseman, Main Street, Prestwick

  • Banks

  • Bank of Scotland, The Cross, Prestwick, 01292

  • Clydesdale Bank, 19 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 478989

  • Royal Bank of Scotland, Main Street, Prestwick

  • Trustees Saving Bank, Main Street, Prestwick

  • Butchers

  • Laurence Hood, 16 The Cross, Prestwick

  • West Coast Fisheries and Butchers, 27 Main Street, Prestwick

  • Restaurants/Sit In Eating Places/Cafes

  • Reds, The Cross, Prestwick

  • Ceilldh Place, 187 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 478022

  • Orchid Chinese Restaurant, 61 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 476667

  • Le Bistro, 83 Main Street, Prestwick

  • Taj Tandoori, 141 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 477318

  • The Town House, 18 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 678681

  • Elliots, 132 Main Street, Prestwick KA9 1PB
    01292 677677

  • Cecchinis Prestwick, 74 Main Street, Prestwick KA9 1PA
    01292 474146

  • Cecchinis Prestwick, 71-75 Main Street, Prestwick KA9 1JN
    01292 479321

  • Carry Outs

  • Harmony Cantonese Restaurant, 61 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 476667

  • Sandies Cafe, 142 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 478712

  • Mamma Mia Carry Out

  • Railway Carry Out

  • Public Houses/Bars

  • Cafe Bonne, 71-75 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 479321

  • The Burns, 58 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 478063

  • Eagle Tavern, 3 The Cross, Prestwick, 01292 477674

  • Flanagans, 36 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 678640

  • Golf Inn, 154 Main Street, Prestwick, 01292 476711

  • The Toll Bar, 144 Ayr Road, Prestwick, 01292 470760

  • The Red Lion, 9 The Cross, Prestwick, 01292 470703

  • Caprice, 114 Main Street, Prestwick.

  • Prestwick Pioneer (Wetherspoons), 87 Main Street, Prestwick. 01292 473210

  • Estate Agents
  • Colvin Houston Estate Agents, 51 Main Street, Prestwick email-Colvin Houston Estate Agents
  • Prestwick Shore front

    Another view of Prestwick Main Street

    Prestwick Railway Station

    Memorial in Boydfield Gardens

    Elliots in the Main Street, previously Butlers, and the Royal Hotel. Perhaps there have been other names for the premises - if so please let me know.


    Brandon Car Sales, Brandon Gardens

    Brysons, The Cross

    Seditas, St Quivox Road

    Taxi Services

    Lion Taxis, Prestwick Airport, Prestwick - 01292 470016

    Night Hawk, 129 Main Street, Prestwick - 01292 471371

    Streamline, 16a Main Street, Prestwick - 01292 477525

    Prestwick Black Taxis - 01292 474445 - mobile - 07759 634 082

    Rail Services

    Operated by Scotrail, there are direct services to and from Ayr, Newton on Ayr(not all trains), Prestwick Airport, Troon, Barassie(not all trains), Irvine, Kilwinning, Dalry, Paisley, Glasgow Central, Maybole, Girvan and Stranraer. Weekdays the trains run every half-hour to stations north of Prestwick. Trains south of Ayr ( Maybole, Girvan & Stranraer are not so regular.)

    Indirect services via Ayr include Kilmarnock and Newcastle (trains do not stop at Prestwick you can change at Troon - check timetable), and via Kilwinning, trains to Ardrossan, Saltcoats, West Kilbride and Largs.
    Ardrossan, Saltcoats etc trains run every half-hour on weekdays.

    Bus Services

    There are a variety of local bus services running round Prestwick and into Ayr. These run every 15 minutes.

    Long Distance Services are operated through Prestwick to Stranraer, Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Troon, Irvine, Ardrossan, Largs, and Greenock.

    Air Services

    Glasgow Prestwick Airport is situated just north of the town and has services to Ireland, Spain, France, Poland, Greece, Italy, Latvia operated by RyanAir. See Prestwick Airport Destinations for more details. Prestwick also hosts various holiday companies during the year.

    Holiday Flights can be checked out here and daily scheduled services can be checked from the above link to the airport site.

    Glasgow Abottsinch Airport is situated approximately thirty miles north of Prestwick. It can be reached by taking the train to Paisley Gilmour Street and then by service bus or taxi to the Airport. Alternatively take the train to Glasgow Central and then a coach out to the airport, located near to Paisley. Regular flights to London Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead are avialable as well as flights to various airports in Europe and America.


    Prestwick Academy, Newdykes Road - formerly Prestwick High School.

    Glenburn Primary School, Sherwood Road

    St Ninians Primary, Adamton Road North

    Kingcase Primary, Adamton Road South

    Youth Organisations

    1st Prestwick BB

    2nd Prestwick BB

    3rd Prestwick BB

    4th Prestwick BB

    12th Ayrshire Scouts (Beavers[Frid],Cubs[Thurs], Scouts[Frid])

    14th Ayrshire Scouts (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts [Frid])

    Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit [Friday]

    1st Monkton Brownies [Tuesda]

    1st Prestwick (Brownies [Monday]

    2nd Prestwick (Rainbows[Tuesday], Brownies[Thursday])

    3rd Prestwick(Brownies and Guides [Monday])

    4th Prestwick (Rainbows[Monday] and Brownies [Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday] & Guides[Wednesday])

    Caledonian Boys Club

    Leisure Facilities

    Swimming Pool operated by South Ayrshire Council. The pool is open daily except Thursdays for general swimming.

    The Space Place, located beside the Swimming Pool, is a purpose-built centre for young people located in Prestwick.

    Tennis for All Indoor and outdoor courts.

    Cricket Club - Private

    St Cuthberts Golf Club, East Road - Private

    St Nicholas Golf Club, Grangemuir Road - Private

    Old Prestwick Golf Club, Links Road - Private

    Prestwick Indoor Bowling Club - Private

    Howie Bowling Club

    Prestwick Bowling Club

    Prestwick Sailing Club

    Prestwick Public Library - Kyle Street.


    Ayrshire Towns & Villages (Frames Version)

    Ayrshire Towns & Villages (Non - Frames Version)

    Ayrshire Scouting

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