Eglinton Country Park

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Eglinton Country Park is located on the south side of Kilwinning and is situated in the grounds of Eglinton Castle.
Little remains of the Castle, but the park has a visitors Centre. a small loch, a restored dovecote and a number of walks.


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Electric Brae

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Have you ever rolled up a hill in your car?.

< At this location on the A719, between Dunure and Croy Bay, this famous brae attracts many visitors. Care must be taken, but one can stop your car on the hill, leave the brakes off, and very slowly your car will roll up the hill.

The picture on the left is that of the Brae itself and the one below looks over Croy Bay towards Culzean Castle which one can just make out in the centre of the picture.

Why Does the car roll up the hill?
Well now - that's the secret - if you really want to know this link will take you to the solution.

A view over Croy Bay looking towards Culzean Castle which can be seen in the centre of the picture.
To the right, in the background, the Turnberry Lighthouse is just visible.

Where is the Electric Brae? - Click here for a map show the location. The actual location is just above Knoweside.

Author : -Bob McIntyre

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