Electric Brae

Have you ever rolled up a hill in your car?.
At this location on the A719, between Dunure and Croy Bay, this famous brae attracts many visitors. Care must be taken, but one can stop your car on the hill, leave the brakes off, and very slowly your car will roll up the hill.


"The 'Electric Brae', known locally as Croy Brae.
This runs the quarter mile from the bend overlooking Croy railway viaduct in the west (286 feet Above Ordnance Datum) to the wooded Craigencroy Glen (303 feet above A.O.D.) to the east.
Whilest there is this slope of 1 in 86 upwards from the bend at the Glen, the configuration of the land on either side of the road provides an optical illusion making it look as if the slope is going the other way.
Therefore, a stationary car on the road with the brakes off will appear to move slowly uphill.
The term 'Electric Brae' dates from a time when it was incorrectly thought to be a phenomenon caused by electric or magnetic attraction within the Brae."

Well that's the secret out - any further questions E-Mail me.

On a good day, there is a beautiful view over the Firth of Clyde looking towards Culzean Castle, Ailsa Craig with Northern Ireland in the distance and to the right the Mull of Kintyre.












Author : -Bob McIntyre

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