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In 1997 South Ayrshire Guiding and Ayrshire Scouting joined forces for the week-end to take part in this World Scouting International event.

Carrick District Scouts

Ayrshire South Guides

Kyle District Scouts

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The event, organised by jointly Carrick District and Kyle District Scouts, is being held at the

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South Ayrshire County Guide Centre at Nether Auchendrane, near Alloway, Ayr

Ayr is located 30 miles south of the City of Glasgow in Scotland.

Alloway was the birth place of Robert Burns.

The Radio Station is being run by Ayr Radio Club and the JOTI Station by Bob McIntyre of Kyle District Scouts.

An additional page showing world times is available. This opens as another window and allows you to toggle between this page and the world times - useful when chatting on JOTI. Should the clock stop, simply reload the page.

You may also e-mail us over the week-end at our special email address of

All emails will be replied to, although we cannot guarantee an immediate reply.

For the technically minded:

The call sign for the week-end is


Carrick Scouts and Guides

The Radio station has had quite a few contacts including Russia, Japan, Sweden, netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and belgium, to mention only a few.

The JOTI base is running on a laptop computer, running as a server with another two machines running over a network.

The server is a 133 Pentium with 24Mb RAM and the modem connection is at 33.6K The computer is linked through Bob's provider, to the Internet, using Netscape Communicator as a Browser and MIRC software being used to access IRC (Internet Chat Relay). The base is using one of the Scouting Servers and the #joti channel to chat with Scouts and Guides throughout the world. The handle being used by this station is kyle_uk and kyle1_uk

The pages are being updated by Bob on a regular basis using WebEdit.

Nether Auchendrane can be contacted throughout the week-end by E-Mail.

Jamboree On The Air Contacts
Members of the Ayr Radio Club during the week-end event.

A prospective new member to the Club perhaps?

Jamboree On The Internet

Two surfers visit the Internet Base.

Some more surfers on the Sunday

Nether Auchendrane Guide Centre

Nether Auchendrane is the South Ayrshire County Guide Centre, located just to the south of Alloway, near Ayr.

The premises are new, having been opened in 1995, with an extension added in 1997. The facilities are excellent providing both indoor sleeping accommodation and camping facilities.

There is a well equipped kitchen, a general purpose room, accommodation for 24 youngsters and 6 leaders in the main building and the extension provides a small kitchen and activity room.

The facilities are fully equipped with showers and toilets.

The camp site is fully equipped with canvas for 40 people.

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Author :- Bob McIntyre