19 October 1997 19:03:10


Jamboree On The Air


Jamboree On The Internet

South Ayrshire Guiding and Scouting have joined forces for the week-end to take part in JOTA and JOTI.

Carrick District Scouts

Ayrshire South Guides

Kyle District Scouts

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More about Nether Auchendrane Guide Center

The event, organised by Carrick District Scouts, is being held at the
South Ayrshire County Guide Centre at Nether Auchendrane, near Alloway, Ayr
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Ayr is located 30 miles south of the City of Glasgow in Scotland.

Alloway was the birth place of Robert Burns.

The Radio Station is being run by Girvan Amateur Radio Club and the JOTI Station by Bob McIntyre of Kyle District Scouts.

For the technically minded:

The call sign for the week-end is


Carrick Scouts and Guides

The Radio Station comprises of a FT900 AT rig, trasmitting at 100w. The antenna system is a W3DZZ.

The Station will also be operating a Packet Station and on Sunday a Slow Scan facility.

The JOTI base is running on a laptop computer - it had been hoped to have a network of machines, but due to technical problems this has not been possible.

The computer is a 133 Pentium with 24Mb RAM and the modem connection is at 33.6K The computer is linked through Bob's provider, to the Internet, using Netscape Communicator as a Browser and MIRC software being used to access IRC (Internet Chat Relay). The base is using one of the Scouting Servers and the #joti channel to chat with Scouts and Guides throughout the world. The handle being used by this station is kyle_uk

The pages are being updated by Bob on a regular basis using WebEdit.

Nether Auchendrane can be contacted throughout the week-end by E-Mail.

Jamboree On The Air Contacts
Date Call Sign Country Town Comments
18 October GB2 TWS UK Toni
. GB4 WHS UK Linda
. GI4 OYB UK Larne Billy
. GB0 MWW UK Arnold
. GB4 NG UK John
. EI5 LBS Eire Dundalk
. GB0 CSC UK Belfast Roy
. ED7 JOH Spain
. PA3 CLS Holland Alex
. GM3 TDS UK Stepps Joe
. GB2 BVS UK Bolton Venture Scouts Chris
. GB2 HDS UK Halifax Alan
. GB2 ASD UK Doncaster Pete - 61st
. GB2 TSD UK Ian
. GM4 VIK UK bob
. MI0 ABD UK Joe, on an oil rig, 116mls NE of Aberdeen
. GB2 CWS UK Durham Mike
. GB4 FBS UK Blackpool Steve
. G0 RPR UK Wigan Austin
. G0 TIZ UK Leicester Bob
19 October Log not currently available

Jamboree On The Internet Contacts
Date Name Country Town Comments
17 October ZA14 South Africa Sea Scouts
. Tomislav Crotia Puls
. Stuart UK 22nd Gillingham http://www.bee3.demon.co.uk
. ianza South Africa Cape Town
. scouts UK Uxbridge
. hyperio2 Australia Pokolbin Brett, 11 year old Scout
. Nathan Australia Kahabah
. dumdum South Africa Gauteng
. GuiderSA South Africa Johburg Guider
. Grovert Holland Ermelo near Amsterdam
18 October kidd Singapore Scout Leader
. wild_ones USA Spokane, Washington Chuck Fish says hi to the 28th Ayrshire - Kanderstag 1995
. FirstOran Australia Orange Arace
. kid2 Australia Pokolbin Brett - Alias hyperkid2 :-)
. kaa99 Australia Perth Cubs -
Mary - Hey Mary's mum hails from Maybole in Carrick District
. kapiti_4 New Zealand Tatum Park Samantha - who is a Sea Scout
. Max_d Germany Coburg
. tingira Australia Sydney
. gerbil USA Phoenix, Arizona
. scout_uk UK Park Wood, Kent
. jd-st1-ca
19 October Pack414 USA California City, Calfornia
. png Papua New Guinea Johanna
. xvhk_hk Hong Kong Kei kei, 15th Hong Kong Troop
. Kmac Australia Ephraem
. MAC Australia Perth Ken Mackie
. Death South Africa Joburg Christopher
. cute_stuf South Africa Gauteng Tamzin , aged 12
. wolf_za South Africa Joburg David
. Venom Australia Ephraem James
. stoned_za South Africa Joburg Monty MacDurmat
. slapchips South Africa Joburg Jonathan Brueton
. Douglas1s Isle of Man Allan Thomson
. pick_za South Africa Joburg Adrian
. nigh New Zealand Taranaki, North Island Wayne, Scout Leader
. BAPO Portugal Coimbra Filipe Gregoio Alvaro
. cosmo South Africa Pretoria kyle
. sc_volber Holland Enschede Margje
. Juba Brazil
. akagt Australia Melbourne Owyne
. kitty South Africa Joburg
. us Africa Nambia
. fox_uk UK Preston Kevin
. rabalder Sweden Varberg Anders
. Simo Isle of Man Douglas
. peregrino Mexico Celaya Guanajuato Serigo
. Bart Isle of Man Douglas
. Bart Isle of Man Douglas David Simpson

Nether Auchendrane Guide Center

Nether Auchendrane is the South Ayrshire County Guide Centre, locates just to the south of Alloway, near Ayr.

The premises are new, having been opened in 1995, with an extension added in 1997. The facilities are excellent providing both indoor sleeping accommodation and camping facilities.

There is a well equipped kitchen, a general purpose room, accommodation for 24 youngsters and 6 leaders in the main building and the extension provides a small kitchen and activity room.

The facilities are fully equipped with showers and toilets.

The camp site is fully equipped with canvas for 40 people.

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Author :- Bob McIntyre