Phoenix V.S.U. Goes to Dragnet

Kyle District, Ayrshire

4 members of the Unit travelled to Cumbria on the week-end of 4/6 July to take part in Dragnet 97 - an event organised by Cumbria Venture Scouts and Ranger Guides.

58 teams of 4 Venture Scouts or older Scouts, from all over the country entered this challenging event.

The Challenge ? - for the complete team to walk from their unknown start point at Midnight Friday, somewhere in Cumbria, to the base camp at Cartmel, near Kendal - a distance of around 40 miles, by 11 am on the Sunday morning - 35 hours. Below the green line on the map depicts the approximate area of the hike.

Easy one might say - but.....

There were a larger numbers of 'Catchers' out there as well - their task - to intercept the walkers and remove one of the three lives that the team had been given at the start.

The event was held in a well defined area, and any teams wondering outside the area were promptly disqualified by the network of 'catchers'.

The Phoenix Lads, did well at their first attempt at this gruelling long hike - they made good speed until 6am on the Saturday morning, when they fell foul of a catcher and lost their first life. Undaunted they moved on quickly, only to lose a second life later on in the day, when one of the lads had to pull out due to severe blistering on his feet. The remaining three joined forces with a team from Liverpool and continued on their way, avoiding the catchers. Unfortunately another member sprained his ankle late on Saturday night, and he was uplifted by one of a fleet of mini-buses which were 'collecting' throughout.

The remaining two, along with their new found Liverpool friends continued walking until 10am on the Sunday, when they were some six miles from home base, and realising that they could not complete it within the time, called for a lifted from the buses.

To the right, some of the teams running in for the final kill time 11 a.m.- who can get there bang on with the maximum number of lives?

The winning team came from Cumbria, Kendal in fact, but that was not important to the Ayrshire Lads - they had taken part in the event, learned from it, made new friends - and will be back next July! - so look out Cumbria!! .

Miscellaneous photographs taken over the week-end - not of the Ayrshire lads

Out cold at midnight in Bowness when the mini-bus found them - there are a lot of carparks in Bowness! - And, for the benefit of the crew - there is no St Margarets Church in Ings!



10 am on the Sunday morning at Base -still out for the count.



Well, at least it kept his head warm!



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Details of the 1999 Dragnet event on Dragnet 1999

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Author :- Bob McIntyre