Phoenix V.S.U. returns to Dragnet

Kyle District, Ayrshire

4 members of the Unit travelled to Cumbria on the week-end of 3/5 July to take part in Dragnet 98 - an event organised by Cumbria Venture Scouts and Ranger Guides.

Teams of 4 Venture Scouts or older Scouts, from all over the country entered this challenging event.

The Challenge ? - for the complete team to walk from their unknown start point at Midnight Friday, somewhere in Cumbria, to the base camp by 11 am on the Sunday morning - 35 hours.

There were a larger numbers of 'Catchers' out there as well - their task - to intercept the walkers and remove one of the three lives that the team had been given at the start.

But where is this years Base Camp and Starting Point?

This years event started at Penrith again - a map will be put in place shortly - the destination Ennerdale.

The weather was not unkind to the walkers this year, albeit it was not exactly summer time - there was the occassional shower over the week-end.

There were some 30 teams taking part, well down on last year, but hopefully that was due to the World Cup.

The target was to get to the Ennerdale camp site at 11am on Sunday with all three lives in tact.

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Author :- Bob McIntyre