Ayrshire Area Rally - Mauchline, 1998

camp badge
350 Scout, Venture Scouts and Leaders from all over Ayrshire are enjoying a fantastic week-end, in every respect, at Kingencleugh, Mauchline this week-end (12-14 June '98).

A wide ranges of activities are available to the youngsters including Abseiling Canoeing, Climbing, Orienteering, Pioneering, and loads of fun activities.

How  to splice a rope
Back to basics - splice a rope
Gee - which is left and right?
a simple fun activity - how many return shuttles can you achieve?
Branding Irons - make a Patrol sign?
A variation on Archery
- Cane pioneering and archery with a difference
A stretch of nice safe water to try your canoeing skills
First attempt - well done
more water
Ferry across the Ayr - certainly not a dry return trip from the Monkey Bridge
Even DC's have a go
Hmmm - this should be interesting!
a brave D.C. takes the step over the edge
Saturday Night Campfire
And again